Casanova originally began as a retail department store that also specialized in electronics. We eventually evolved into one of the leading local sources for fantastic clothing at bargain prices. We still sell a limited number of electronics and other gadgets, but our major focus is now on shoes and apparel.

Casanova has always been about offering retail quality merchandise at wholesale prices. We achieve that goal by selling each of our products at a small markup from wholesale. We believe that generating a high volume of sales is effective in offsetting any potential losses incurred from operating under a small profit margin.

Our business has been operating in the Madera area since its inception. Casanova is able to stand above its competition by being the only apparel company in the area that also conducts business online. We continue to offer a wide variety of fantastic products for the benefit of our expanding base of customers. That is why Casanova continues to rise above other businesses in our local area. Most importantly, we urge our clients to reach out to us with any questions that they might have about our products and services. We strive to maintain a personal relationship with our clients whenever possible.